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finest aspects of both Cantonese-style dim sum and Japanese cuisine


August 8 was originally established in 2008 where its first location opened in downtown Hamilton, Ontario.  As a new concept of dining, it was recognized as the first restaurant of its kind in the area to bring the finest aspects of both Cantonese-style dim sum & Japanese cuisine.

The name “August” represented a new restaurant concept for its time and expressed the future vision of the company; the “8” next to August was simply the brand logo (a reinterpretation of “August” in Chinese characters).

During the restaurant’s booming popularity, many customers would refer to “August” as “August 8” and many years later, that name would transform a once small restaurant into the brand it is today.  The heritage of August 8 truly lies in its customers’ loyalty. As its name emerged as a simple error and has since remained unchanged; a restaurant named by its following.

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August 8’s succulent and delectable dishes are a culinary delight, an experience that is both wholesome and refreshing. From savoury & sweet dishes that invigorate the palate, to a warm and inviting atmosphere, August 8 is a culinary encounter that is truly unique.

Enjoy the many appetizing dishes from the teppanyaki grill and dim sum menu, or relish in the fresh sushi & sashimi. Each dish provides deep and rich flavours while providing an allure for more. The fusion of flavours from two very distinctive cuisines will surely provide diners with an exquisite meal.